Ruler of the Steppes 1

TheSniper_AOE vs Lavie_Head Showmatch BO5

Winner will come back for Ruler of the Steppes 2. Looser suggests next opponent for the serie.

Prize: 50 euros for winner + AOE Ruler of the Steppe Cup (custom made by the trophee artist L’Arcadia) and 20 euros for looser

Welcome ladies and gentleman

If you are looking for an amazing gameplay and showmatch between 2 top players on AOE 2 DE, you are in the right place!!

The Ruler of Steppes is an ongoing showmatch series where the winner will come back for the next match until he finds someone better than him.

This idea is basic, we want to organize a showmatch on specific maps similar to Mongolia where players around 1.9 to 2k elo fight for the glory and honor!

Each game worth 1 point and the show match is organized around a standard BO5.

Bienvenue à toutes et tous!

Si vous recherchez un gameplay et un showmatch incroyables entre 2 top joueurs sur AOE 2 DE, vous êtes au bon endroit !!

The Ruler of Steppes est une série de showmatch en cours où le gagnant reviendra pour le prochain match jusqu’à ce qu’il trouve quelqu’un de meilleur que lui.

L’idée est simple, nous voulons organiser un showmatch sur des cartes spécifiques similaires à la Mongolie où des joueurs autour de 1.9 à 2.1k elo se battent pour la gloire et l’honneur!

Chaque partie vaut 1 point et le show match est organisé autour d’un BO5 standard.

  Live cast in English the 24 June 5pm on AOE Byzantines Twitch

POV, direct stream from theSniper_AOE & Lavie_Head.

Tolerance, respect and kindness will be required as this tournament is meant to be entertaining and with the view that everyone has a good time.

This ongoing serie is called the Ruler of the Steppes, a name related to the choice of the map pool and the theme of this serie.


Arabia is a notoriously open map with resources spread thinner than in most maps. Wood typically is in medium-sized bunches, occasionally wood bunches are spread far from one another making it difficult for players to turtle or defend from a rush (unless the defending player build towers around its Town Center). Gold and stone are of average placement, but just like the wood, gold and stone near the front of the camp can lend itself to a target of a rush by an enemy.


Cenotes is an open map with resources spread thinner than on most maps. It is similar to Arabia concerning its open spaces, though it also features watering holes with Shore Fish, while some cliffed and hilled regions can favor defense a bit more than in Arabia.

Resources like stone and gold outside the initial settlements are scarce. The number of wild predators is normal, as well as the Relics, and both are scattered on the map.


The dried up river bed features cracked clay soil unsuitable for construction. However, the clay soil can be crossed by naval units. Small puddles of water are placed sporadically within the dried bed and they may contain Shore Fish. Large herds of huntable wildlife (passive huntables like Deer) are found scattered within the vicinity of these remaining pools of water within the dried up river.


Mongolia is a map that features rough cliffs and elevations, unusual for a steppe area. Mongolia has a decent number of chokepoints, thanks to the abundance of rough cliffs throughout the map.

Trees exist in neat amounts, typically medium-sized bunches. Gold and Stone Mines appear in regular numbers. Wolves are present and scattered, Relic number on the map is the standard and varies with the map size.

Ghost Lake

Start-up resources are the standard ones (6 Berry Bushes, 8 Sheep, 2 Boars and normal piles of gold and stone), with the exception that the herd of Deer is fixed to 3 Deer. Resources along the map are low, since the central frozen lake occupies a big portion of the map (depriving this map of the typical wood, gold and stone glut in the center of the map). Gold and Stone are of relative abundance around the lake, Wood is scarce (however, there are lots of small tree lines around). However unlike most maps, a large number of Sheep can be found on the central lake, usually found in pairs, as well as small portions of water that may contain shorefish.


Player’s begin on a very flat prairie just outside of central steppe. 3 Yurts are provided nearby with each providing 5 population. Instead of a Scout Cavalry or an Eagle Warrior, each player starts with a Horse which moves faster than the regular scouting units but has much less line of sight. They also cannot attack and opponents can see them moving in explored terrain, and they don’t take population space. Players also start with 6 villagers instead of just 3.


Wood is in medium-sized bunches, and this, combined with a profound lack of chokepoints makes it extremely hard to turtle. Gold and Stone are of average placement, but just like the wood, gold and stone near the front of the camp can lend itself to a target of a rush by an enemy. Early attacks on an enemy’s resources can cripple them or just end the game outright.


Haboob is a small and open map, ideal for early aggression. A thick wood line exist on the map border with 2 lines of trees in the middle. Gold and stone are of average placement near the front of the camp and can lend itself to a target of a rush by an ennemy. Unlike other maps, Haboob doesn’t have scattered trees and it make it difficult to wall.


The map features two fjords running long ways across the edges of opposite sides of the map. The fish in these fjords are plentiful. Wood is scattered, but somewhat plentiful. Gold is of normal variance, but stone is less abundant than on most maps. Cliffs and elevations of various sizes may be present on the map, but they are not very prominent. Wild Beasts can be found scattered all around the map, as well as the Relics, which are present in normal numbers.

Each game start with Arabia.

Choice of maps for the Ruler of the Steppes:

  • Arabia
  • Cenotes
  • Ghost Lake
  • Valley
  • Mongolia
  • Steppes
  • Serengeti
  • Haboob
  • Scandinavia


  • Lavie_Head pick map
    TheSniper_AOE pick map
    TheSniper_AOE pick map
    Lavie_Head pick map
    Lavie_Head pick map
    TheSniper_AOE pick map
    TheSniper_AOE pick map
    Lavie_Head pick map
    Lavie_Head snipe / ban
    TheSniper_AOE snipe / ban

Link to the civ draft

Lavie_Head send the URL to AOE Byzantines once the civ draft start

• To restart :
Only one restart authorized per player and per BO, before the end of the 4th minute.
Also a restart administrator can be requested (if both players agree) in the event of a bug on a map, if and only if the request appears before the first 5 minutes of play.

• Lame:
The lame of sheep, wild boars and the resource wall is authorized.
It is not allowed to remove trees around the opponent’s forum by placing a building there. It is not allowed to play a match while being vocal with another player.