Fox vs PUB Showmatch BO5

FOX (FR) VS PUB (UK) BO5 – 3 vs 3

Showmatch 6 th August 6pm GMT 2022 – 120 euros CP, 80 / 40


  • Fox: Fox.C.salette, Fox.Uzikoti, Fox.PLP, Fox.Ciskhan
  • PUB: King Boo – Steak –  Fanjita  – Nick –  Capybara

Map draft:

  • 1st map Arabia
  • PUB ban 1 map
  • Fox ban 1 map
  • PUB pick homemap
  • Fox pick homemap
  • Fox pick homemap
  • PUB pick homemap

Welcome ladies and gentleman

If you are looking for a great time of fun, you are at the right event! 3rd Showmatch Fox Series. They will be facing Xever in an exciting BO5, 4vs 4.

Each game worth 1 point and the show match is organized around a standard BO5.


Tolerance, respect and kindness will be required as this tournament is meant to be entertaining and with the view that everyone has a good time.

First Map – Arabia

Team Islands

Land Madness


African Clearing


Gold Rush



Showmatch start with Arabia

Map Draft 

  • 1st map Arabia
  • Xever ban 1 map
  • Fox ban 1 map
  • Xever pick homemap
  • Fox pick homemap
  • Fox pick homemap
  • Xever pick homemap

Free civ, no repick. Each civ to be used once per team during the showmatch. If a civ is a repick, the other team pick replacing civ.

• To restart :
Only one restart authorized per team, before the end of the 4th minute.
Also a restart administrator can be requested (if both players agree) in the event of a bug on a map, if and only if the request appears before the first 5 minutes of play.

• Lame:
The lame of sheep, wild boars and the resource wall is authorized.
It is not allowed to remove trees around the opponent’s forum by placing a building there. It is not allowed to play a match while being vocal with another player.

Sling allowed once the player has reached Imperial age only.