EPIC Showmatch Serie 1 Big Maloe vs KaneteTV

2 of the most loved streamers on Twitch AOE 2 DE are finally facing each others in this EPIC showmatch!

Cash prize for the match is 60 euros  as follow 40  W/20  L

Welcome ladies and gentleman

If you are looking for a great time of fun and lot of laugh, you are at the right event! This is the typical showmatch where Viper and Hera are taking notes and learn the meta on AOE 2!

EPIC showmatch is an ongoing serie of showmatch between streamers and players known in different AOE communities, fighting for honour and glory!

This idea is basic, we want to organize a showmatch on specific maps and on the sudden death mode between 2 loved streamers!

Each game worth 1 point and the show match is organized around a standard BO5.

Bienvenue à toutes et tous!

Si vous recherchez à passer un incroyable moment entre 2 joueurs connus sur AOE 2 DE, vous êtes au bon endroit !! Ce type de showmatch est bien sur la ou Viper et Hera apprennent la meta sur AOE2.

EPIC showmatch est une série de showmatch en cours où 2 joueurs (ses) se battent pour la gloire et l’honneur de leur communauté!

L’idée est simple, nous voulons organiser un showmatch sur le mode Sudden Death entre 2 joueurs aimés de leur communauté!

Chaque partie vaut 1 point et le show match est organisé autour d’un BO5 standard.

  Live cast in English the 20 September 7 GMT on TutusAsylum Twitch. POV: Big_Maloe and KaneteTV. Host by AOEByzantines and Thalounette

Tolerance, respect and kindness will be required as this tournament is meant to be entertaining and with the view that everyone has a good time.

This ongoing serie is called the EPIC Showmatch, a name related to the fun and EPIC laugh we going to have during this showmatch.


Arabia is a notoriously open map with resources spread thinner than in most maps. Wood typically is in medium-sized bunches, occasionally wood bunches are spread far from one another making it difficult for players to turtle or defend from a rush (unless the defending player build towers around its Town Center). Gold and stone are of average placement, but just like the wood, gold and stone near the front of the camp can lend itself to a target of a rush by an enemy.

4 lakes

Four Lakes is a relatively simplistic random map. The map is very open with patches of trees, and features Goats as the main herdable animal near the Town Centers. As the map’s name would imply, there are four lakes that take up the four corners of the map. This is the only place where bodies of water are found on this map. The corner lakes are filled with fish, providing a very high amount of food for Fishing Ships.

 RBW5 Land Madness

Currently, one of the most aggressive map on Age of Empire 2 DE. Land Madness was designed by Biz few years ago and was recently used in some of the S tier tournaments. Ressources are spread across the map, you start with a tc without closed woodlines. Rivers doesnt allow you to build one fortified and walled base, an aggressive feudal age is coming…


The map features an archipelago with large islands. Unlike the map Archipelago (in which sometimes the player’s island is shared with another player that may be enemy or ally) or Team Islands (where all the team share the same island and opponent team are in another island), players in this map start on an island of their own, not sharing the island with other players. The starting island has the standard number of herdable and huntable animals, 6 Berry Bushes and normal piles of stone and gold.

Socotra – The Asylum

This map features the island of Socotra, located to the south of Yemen and to the east of the Horn of Africa. The island is very small, and completely surrounded by cliffs, while beyond these cliffs lies the Indian Ocean. The map has a very chaotic start. Resources spawn very close to the player, and the tree lines are small. How long are you going to last on the Island of the Asylum?


Player’s begin on a very flat prairie just outside of central steppe. 3 Yurts are provided nearby with each providing 5 population. Instead of a Scout Cavalry or an Eagle Warrior, each player starts with a Horse which moves faster than the regular scouting units but has much less line of sight. They also cannot attack and opponents can see them moving in explored terrain, and they don’t take population space. Players also start with 6 villagers instead of just 3.


Wood is in medium-sized bunches, and this, combined with a profound lack of chokepoints makes it extremely hard to turtle. Gold and Stone are of average placement, but just like the wood, gold and stone near the front of the camp can lend itself to a target of a rush by an enemy. Early attacks on an enemy’s resources can cripple them or just end the game outright.


Haboob is a small and open map, ideal for early aggression. A thick wood line exist on the map border with 2 lines of trees in the middle. Gold and stone are of average placement near the front of the camp and can lend itself to a target of a rush by an ennemy. Unlike other maps, Haboob doesn’t have scattered trees and it make it difficult to wall.


The map features two fjords running long ways across the edges of opposite sides of the map. The fish in these fjords are plentiful. Wood is scattered, but somewhat plentiful. Gold is of normal variance, but stone is less abundant than on most maps. Cliffs and elevations of various sizes may be present on the map, but they are not very prominent. Wild Beasts can be found scattered all around the map, as well as the Relics, which are present in normal numbers.

Each game start with Arabia.

Choice of maps for the Ruler of the Steppes:

  • Arabia
  • Cenotes
  • Ghost Lake
  • Valley
  • Mongolia
  • Steppes
  • Serengeti
  • Haboob
  • Scandinavia


  • Kanete pick map
    Big Maloe pick map
    Big Maloe pick map
    Kanete pick map
    Kanete pick map
    Big Maloe pick map
    Kanete snipe / ban
    Big Maloe snipe / ban

Link to the civ draft https://aoe2cm.net/preset/DOBKo

Kanete send the URL to AOE Byzantines once the civ draft start

• To restart :
Only one restart authorized per player and per BO, before the end of the 4th minute.
Also a restart administrator can be requested (if both players agree) in the event of a bug on a map, if and only if the request appears before the first 5 minutes of play.

• Lame:
The lame of sheep, wild boars and the resource wall is authorized.
It is not allowed to remove trees around the opponent’s forum by placing a building there. It is not allowed to play a match while being vocal with another player.