FOX vs ITA Showmatch BO5

event title: Fox Series 1, Fox vs ITA

FOX VS ITA BO5 – 4 vs 4 (finished)

Showmatch 20th 6pm GMT April 2022 vs ITA, 120 euros CP, all for winners


Fox 3 – 1 ITA


  • Fox: Fox.C.salette, Fox.Uzikoti, Fox.PLP, Fox.Ciskhan
  • ITA: ITA | Fatman (aka, ITA | Marknight, ITA | Mettiu, ITA | Architetto Rambaldo Mel

Map draft:

ITA : ban arena
Fox : ban Team Islands
ITA : pick land madness
Fox : pick Haboob
Fox : pick Gold Rush
ITA : pick nomad

Host & Sponsored: Fox

Casters: Clemol45 & Ciskhan

Welcome ladies and gentleman

If you are looking for a great time of fun, you are at the right event! This is the first training showmatch for the new team “Fox”. They will be facing ITA in an exciting BO5, 4vs 4.

Each game worth 1 point and the show match is organized around a standard BO5.



Tolerance, respect and kindness will be required as this tournament is meant to be entertaining and with the view that everyone has a good time.

First Map – Arabia

Team Islands

Land Madness


African Clearing


Gold Rush



Showmatch start with Arabia

Map Draft 

  • 1st map Arabia
  • ITA ban 1 map
  • Fox ban 1 map
  • TA pick homemap
  • Fox pick homemap
  • Fox pick homemap
  • ITA pick homemap

Free civ, no repick. Each civ to be used once per team during the showmatch. If a civ is a repick, the other team pick replacing civ.

• To restart :
Only one restart authorized per team, before the end of the 4th minute.
Also a restart administrator can be requested (if both players agree) in the event of a bug on a map, if and only if the request appears before the first 5 minutes of play.

• Lame:
The lame of sheep, wild boars and the resource wall is authorized.
It is not allowed to remove trees around the opponent’s forum by placing a building there. It is not allowed to play a match while being vocal with another player.


Open streaming – casted by Clemol45